Skills are the most important assets at Skillbill, as the company name suggests. The strongest Skillbill’s technical capabilities are:

  • Java/JVM based technologies
  • Javascript everywhere
    • ES6
    • NodeJs
    • React
    • TypeScript
    • Angular 1.x,2.x
    • MeteorJs
    • Polymer
    • REST
    • ...
  • Python
  • C/C++ development
  • Objective-C/SWIFT for iOS
  • Android development
  • Linux development from embedded to server
  • IPTV/DVB/MPEG streaming, CA and DRM integration
  • Persistence in all flavours from RDBMS to NOSQL
  • Cloud-specific facilities including Bus, Queue, Cache, In-Memory DB, Storage Area, Serverless applications, real time Monitoring and log analysis, Social integration/Oauth
  • Docker deployments
  • Multiscreen mobile applications
  • High availability and fault tolerant SCADA
  • ...the Next Big Thing


The second key asset are the customers. They drive Skillbill’s evolution as they demand new solutions and services. Addressing the most challenging customer requests in the past decade, has amplified the company expertise and know-how. This is a continuous process that enables Skillbill to master new cutting edge technologies in several scenarios.